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Common sense of wearing stainless steel jewelry

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1.When the ears are just worn out, do not wear stainless steel jewelry in the process of wound healing.

2. In the process of wearing, if there is time, it is better to often wipe with a fine flannelette to keep the jewelry bright.

3.Take off the jewelry when swimming or bathing, so as to avoid the chemical changes on the surface after touching the sea water or pool water.

4. If there are friction scratches on the product surface, it is easy to accelerate the oxidation of silver or metal. Therefore, when the product surface is oxidized to light brown or corroded by chloride (such as swimming pool water), please handle it in time.

5. Please keep the jewelry sealed when it is not worn to avoid the reduction of surface light.

6. Frequent wiping can also reduce the luminosity of the product.

7. When doing laundry, washing dishes and cooking, please remove the ring to avoid the influence of chemicals or oil stains on its brightness.

8.Eight, when doing heavy sports or moving heavy objects, please try to avoid wearing this ornament to avoid the damage caused by friction and impact caused by the collision and gemstone falling. In order to avoid products touched by essence, this article suggests dressing the articles after dressing.

9. Avoid wearing this product in hot spring area and sea water area to prevent the product from changing due to contact with sulfide. If you touch it in time, please wash it with plenty of water,

10. Pearl jewelry maintenance, should avoid contact with acid and alkali substances and high temperature, otherwise easy to damage its effective ingredients.

11. Those with allergic skin should wear jewelry carefully. If skin allergy occurs during wearing, please stop wearing stainless steel jewelry immediately.

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