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How to match wrist and bracelet

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With the movement of the hand, the wrist is a more delicate part of the body. It's easy to guide others' eyes, attract attention and influence others' impression of you. Therefore, the style of the bracelet should match the thickness of the wrist and the visibility of the skeleton, and timely express your unique style.

1. The wrist is thin and has no obvious perfect skeleton. It is suitable for wearing any basic chain, modeling chain or theme

2. The wrist is thin and the skeleton is obviously suitable for wearing two basic chains, making the wrist more soft and beautiful.

3.The wrist is plump, the skeleton is not obvious, the style chain or theme chain is slightly wide, bright and generous.

4. For the modeling chain or theme chain with rich wrists and obvious personalized bones, please turn your attention from wrists to bracelets.

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