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2020 fashion elements of clavicle chain

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With the advancement of technology and the construction of smart cities, people's lifestyles will face tremendous changes. Under this development trend, a group of geeks pursuing innovation, technology and fashion have formed the future geek aesthetics based on the concept of environmental protection and energy saving parametric design, and future minimalism as the style. The snake bone chain is inspired by emotions such as softness, sturdiness, and complexity. It can be worn with various styles of chains. It is versatile and classic.

Good-looking chains are the same, and interesting combinations are the icing on the cake. The designer matched the snake bone chain and crystal elements with the chain, blending the softness of women and the rigidity of men, and the neutral style was just right. The chains of various styles are stacked together to match, so that the length of the chain increases the freshness and layering of the shape.

Using the flexibility and fluidity of the metal snake bone chain, it is coiled into complex knot shapes such as tassels and bows, or combined with rhinestone tassels. The overall style is fashionable and individual.

In the past two years, chain elements have been occupying the popularity of fashion elements, which also makes chain elements incorporate more creative designs in appearance. The snake bone chain is no exception. The designer widens the width of the snake bone chain on the basis of a flat chain, and incorporates the materials of diamonds and mother shells, adding a bit of elegance to the style. The flat chain can also be designed into a square structure, which can also express the unique luster and flexibility of the snake bone chain.

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