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2021 jewelry popular handmade craftsmanship beading

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The lifestyle of pursuing freedom and being close to nature is becoming more and more popular. The Bobo people incorporate the qualities of Bohemia into the free will and artistic atmosphere of Bohemia, bringing the perfect holiday for the spring and summer of 2021. Affected by the sustainable concept of environmental protection and regeneration, handmade beaded jewelry is mainly used in handmade jewelry in spring and summer of 2021. The creativity and non-replicability of handmade jewelry will become the key style of 2021 spring and summer.

The colorful glass beads can be matched with pearls or with metal beads to create a sharp contrast. In the new season, brands such as Beck Jewels, eliou, and Baublebar have used colored glaze. Shaped glass or carved love, flowers and other glass elements will become popular.

Simple metallic shells are matched with colorful acrylic beads, or with pearls. You can also add style highlights through color embellishments on the shells. Simple shell elements not only play a decorative role, but also create a full holiday style.

The candy-toned bead ornaments have low saturation and give people a comfortable visual experience. The DIY beaded bracelet can mix letters, stars, love and other elements at will according to your preferences. The earrings can be combined with different materials and irregular transparent acrylic or geometric shapes. Catering to the responsible consumption and local trends in the post-epidemic era, handmade beading will usher in a wave of trends in the spring and summer of 2021.

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